Coyote Chris SuttonHey, thanks for stopping by.

I am Coyote Chris Sutton. I have been walking a shaman’s path for over 25 years and investigating the paranormal for over 22.

I am also a musician, author, storyteller, presenter, show host and I have been featured on television shows and documentaries.

I am available to help people with spiritual and paranormal issues, be a part of paranormal investigations and events, attend and present at paranormal and spiritual conventions or other gatherings, and to guest on video and audio podcasts. I bring stories, music, teachings, and humor to any situation. I do what I need to do to be “Bringing Light to the Darkest Places” so that others can find their true path in life and drive away negative energy from their person and/or their homes.

If you’re interested in booking me for an event, please contact Ray Savino at Flumeripromotions.com 

Buy my book, Shock and Awe: The Spiritual Journey of Coyote Chris Sutton, on Amazon