About Coyote Chris

Coyote Chris Sutton is a shamanic practitioner/paranormal investigator who began his spiritual journey over 25 years ago and has since worked to help others to bring harmony to their lives and to uncover the spiritual gifts that each person possesses.

Chris is a member of the Red Cedar Circle of SW Illinois that follows the Si-Si Wiss medicine tradition of the Pacific Northwest Coast, as shared by Johnny Moses (Whis-tem-en-nee) and he has received teachings in other shamanic traditions, including the Lakota medicine path.

He has been trained in many of the psychic arts, including numerology, tarot, and dowsing. Chris began doing paranormal investigations in 1998, primarily using his shamanic skills, and focuses on helping people who are having problems with negative paranormal events. He strives to bring light to the darkest places and is often called upon to deal with difficult personal and paranormal problems.

In 2018 the show “On Sacred Ground?” premiered on the internet programming site VidiSpace on the Haunted Space with Coyote Chris as it’s host. In 2020 the interview series “Shock and Awe: The Spiritual Journey of Coyote Chris Sutton” airs on VidiSpace where Chris will tell in detail how he found and practices his spiritual path.

In 2019 Coyote Chris appeared on “Ghost Adventures” (“Curse of the Riverbend: The Mineral Spings Hotel”). He has also appeared on “Dead Files Revisited” in 2013 (“Evil Underground and Killed By the Klan”) and “Ghost Lab” in 2009 (“If Walls Could Talk”). Coyote Chris is a frequent contributor on Scarefest Television and he often appears as a guest on radio shows and podcasts in the US, Canada, and Great Britain. Coyote Chris can also frequently be found appearing and presenting at paranormal and spiritual events across the country.

Also in 2020 Coyote Chris Sutton and Sharla Hardin of Girls Vs. Ghosts premiered “The Spirit Drum” on Scarefest Television. This is a monthly show that features guests who practice many different spiritual and religious traditions

Coyote Chris’ main purpose is to help others as that’s what we do with the gifts that Creator has given us. He does healing work, spiritual advisement, paranormal investigations, psychic readings, house cleansings, protecting people and dwellings, and spiritual teachings. Chris is an experienced presenter and storyteller and he can bring informational, uplifting and entertaining presentations to any event. For more information click on CONTACT above and let him know what you need or if you have any questions.